Types of Vehicle Car Plates in Singapore

Under LTA (Land Transport Authority) regulations,
Every vehicle in Singapore must have a VRN (Vehicle Registration Number) displayed on the vehicle number plates.

Random Plates in Singapore (and others)

Typically, the prefix “S” which simply means Singapore, plus adding a suffix letter (after “S”) ranging from S ‘B’ to S ‘Y’ for motorcars, while reserving some letters such as S ‘A’ (for motorcycles), S ‘H’ and S ‘Z’ (for taxis and buses), S ‘D’ (for municipal vehicles), and S ‘G’ for commercial goods vehicles basically.

A checksum letter (after the number) was subsequently implemented, to serve as a check by legal authority against false plates, etc.

Typical Car Plate Sample

Example of some interesting car plates in Singapore
*Source: Wikipedia.sg

Pulau Ubin vehicle registration plate

SBS Transit bus registration plate scheme

Singapore Elected President

Emergency and law enforcement

Singapore Police Commissioner

LTALand Transport Authority enforcement officers’ vehicles.

MIDSingapore Armed Forces vehicles (this is a suffix with up to five digits before it, e.g., “12345 MID”). “MID” originally stood for the Ministry of Interior and Defence. General ranks in the armed forces are provided with staff cars with two-digit MID plates.

MP: Vehicles operated by the Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command. This series may conflict with the Malacca series. (SAFPU plates were formerly used)

NZ: Vehicles of New Zealand diplomats and Installations Auxiliary Police Force (ANZUK).

PU: Tax-exempt, restricted for exclusive use with permission on the island of Pulau Ubin

QX: Emergency and law enforcement agencies (Singapore Police ForceSingapore Civil Defence ForceImmigration and Checkpoints Authorityetc.)

QY: Quasi-government agencies and statutory boards

RD: Research and development vehicles (such as electric, fuel-cell and smart car rental vehicles). This series may conflict with Perlis number plates.

RU: Restricted Use vehicles, a special category for vehicles for which road taxes are not paid. A vehicle with such a licence is restricted for use within certain areas, for example a pushback truck within the grounds of Singapore Changi Airport or shuttle buses on Sentosa island and other southern islands of Singapore.

Special prefixes were used for specific events, such as: