Good Old Days in Singapore

Remember those frizzy drinks we had when we are young?

How about those endless times we spent playing at those “once majestic” HDB playgrounds?

You will surely remember these stuffs if you are born in the 70/80s…

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70/80s kids love these frizzy drinks.. even kids today too..

The “Dragon” playground was so popular with the 70/80s kids, that HDB (Housing Development Board) decides to build the same playground at many other HDB estates..

Not only that, due to the demand, lots of budget was spent on the creative design of these playground, in making them fun and safe for children to play at, also at the same time, able to blend with the surrounding.

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“Dragon” theme playground
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“Elephant” theme playgound

During the old days, there was no internet or much TV shows for children, so kids love to go out and indulged in simple and improvised games, such as marbles, 5-stones, zero-point and catching, etc..

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Playing marbles on the ground..
Image result for singaPORE flag eraser game
Flags Eraser Game
Image result for 5 stones game
“5-Stones” game, a favourite for all girls..
“Zero-Point”, using rubber bands to create a flexible rope to play with..

Even though there was no online games or any social media available, 70/80s kids have these interesting games to play with too..

Image result for animal chess
Animal Chess Game
Aeroplane Game
Image result for pick up sticks
Pick-Up-Sitcks Game

Exactly at 6:00pm.. kids will normally end their “outdoor activity” and run back home to watch their favourite cartoon series on TV..

It’s a good move by local television station during those days, as it served as reminder for children to come back home for dinner, as there was no mobile phone available 🙂

Image result for mask cartoon
MASK cartoon
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Tiny Toon Adventures cartoon
Image result for he man cartoon
He-Man cartoon

It’s always good to reminisce the good old times…

Those fond memories will always be with the 70/80s children..
no matter where they are 🙂