3 Things That Drivers May Not Know It Exists

Everyday, we spend lots of time commuting via the roads, putting our life on the “hands” of some “champion” drivers..

However, we will be surprised at how ignorant are some drivers on the knowledge of their vehicle, not knowing these stuffs will greatly affects fellow road users and also safety of their love ones!

Below are some of the stuffs that most drivers do not (or deliberately forgotten) know it exist !!

  1. Signal Indicator
A standard Signal Indicator in most vehicles

This device exist in all types of vehicle, such as cars, motorcycles, buses and lorry, etc. right below steering wheel (or nearby the handles on motorcycle).

What the signal indicator does is allow drivers (or motorcyclist) to prior indicate their intention to turn, left or right, so as to alert other road users.

Signal lights on some cars

However, a lot of drivers & motorcyclists somehow DO NOT know it exist, and quite often, forgotten to use the indicator to signal their intention to turn, causing lots of confusion and even accidents, etc.

Maybe car manufacturers should consider change the colour of the indicator “stick” to a more brighter colour, so that drivers will know its existence 🙂

2. Signal Indicator

A typical Headlight Adjustment knob

This device commonly exist only in cars and looks like a turning knob or wheel.

What it does is to allow drivers to turn the knob to the desire height for their headlight (in front of the car).

One of the main purpose is to lower down the headlights, so that it will not “blind” other road users..

However, some “champion” drivers love to point their headlights into the SKY, causing unneccesary dazzling glare to others.

Source: Sky News
“Overseas Traffic Police Asking Driver to Stare At Headlights”

Maybe local authority can consider “catching” such arrogant drivers and make them look at their own headlights as a punishment 🙂

3. Child Safety Lock

Child Safety Lock Switch (at rear doors)

For parents, knowing this will save lives..

It exist on almost all cars, at both the 2 rear doors of the vehicle.

The purpose is to prevent anyone (especially children) to accidentally open the door by themselves.


When you open the rear door, you will be able to see a small switch exist nearby the lock mechnism, once the lock is switch ON, the door cannot be opened by inside of the car, but via outside only.

However, recently there are some reported cases whereby overseas hire drivers deliberately enable this feature, to prevent passenger to exit the car, causing a security scare..

Nonetheless, it is always a good practice for ladies to check if the child safety lock is enable before hopping on any hire vehicles..

Safety is always NUMBER ONE.