Shopping Thrift for the Petite Ones

A common quip is that the petite or pint-size ladies get the best of all worlds.  Does this really hold true for the ladies in size 6 or smaller?

All the bigger ladies or those who are well-endowed would certainly kill to have your petite frame.  You get to snack and binge eats without the guilt and worry of putting on weight.  For the bigger ladies, one has to procrastinate even over the effects of eating 10 pieces of Oreo cookies versus eating 11 pieces.  We have to browse through so many racks of clothes just to find a perfect fit that can nip and tuck the extra ounce of fats on our waistline.  We have to spend tons of money to buy anti-cellulite creams and potions in the hope of miraculously rubbing away the fats.  Plus, people make fun of our image and associate us with being lazy and slow, when this might not be the actual truth.

The sad truth is; the petite ladies may not exactly have the best of all worlds.  For one, some petite ladies who never seem to put on an extra ounce regardless of the amount they eat would also kill to have the womanly curve, the cleavage, and silhouette that befit a woman.  It’s not always a joy to have a boyish figure and we get sneers from the boys too, that we look from the same either from front or back.  While the bigger ladies may find it a chore to find clothes that fit, the petite ladies are facing the same problem no less.  We can hardly find a proper garment in the general retailer that fits us.  Imagine that you just want to find pair of jeans, but the smallest sizing available still looks baggy on us with ample space for us to stuff a chicken under the jeans.  The retailers and mass market hear the complaints from the majority, that the bigger-sized are not able to find clothes and this lead to emphasis on generating bigger sizes.

Well, at least we have a recommendation for the petite ladies who can shop for smaller-sized clothes.   In fact, the general price range is also lower The recommendation that we are making is Kids Fashion.  There are numerous offering from the usual retailers that we frequent that have their own Kids Line.  The merchandises sold under the Kids Line are in general cheaper and some of their sizing can fit up to a size 8 or 10! Some of the designs are knockoff from their adult line and is far from the typical stereotype where kids fashion are kiddish and full of cartoons, cute motifs and loud colors.

The following are some retailers which the petite ladies can certainly consider:

 Zara Kids

Take a look at some of the designs available, they certainly look more like grown-up apparels and no one will know that it’s under the Kids Line.  The best part is that the price range is cheaper than their adult line. 

Source: Zara Official Website

This Chanel-inspired tweed jacket would certainly costs anything from $79.90 if it is sold under the adult line. 

Source: Zara Official Website

How about a chilli-red cardigan that would fit perfectly well for CNY, or match with your office attire at $29.90.  A cardigan under the adult line typically sells for $59.90!


Uniqlo Kids

How about our favorite casual apparel from Japan?

Source: Uniqlo

Many casual printed tees and pullover options for the weekends.

Source: Uniqlo

Similar cardigan selling for $29.90 under the adult line, but only $9.90 under the kid’s line!

Well, at least the blessing for the petite ladies is that we get to pay lesser since the clothes that we wear use lesser fabric.  In another sense, we are saving the earth since we utilize less resources for the same purpose!