Trick: How do you jump-start a car without a jump-start cable?

An unreliable and weak car battery can really give drivers a BIG hell of a problem.. especially when you are stuck in the middle of a highway or a secluded location, and immediate help is not available at all πŸ™

After a long wait.. finally, a car came out of nowhere, stop to offer help.. but wait a minute, he DOES NOT have a jump-start cable, and so are you!

A typical jump-start cable

So, when facing such a dilemma, what can you do to jump-start your car?

Well, remember this brilliant trick, it may save you one fine day πŸ™‚

Firstly, you need a spanner:


Go to your tool box (or from the other car) and find a spanner, and open the other car’s bonnet (with permission of course!)

Carefully, unscrew the nuts which holding the car battery in place, do take note of the positive and negative points (just in case there is no indication on the battery). Careful, it is heavy.. πŸ™‚

Place the car battery into your car’s bonnet area, you DO NOT need to screw to secure it, just carefully connect the “BLACK” wire hook to the negative terminal point; and follow by the “RED” wire hook to the positive terminal point.

Once it is connected, start your engine!

Once your car engine is running, leave it RUNNING, carefully remove the “loan” battery and bring it back to the other car, ensure it is placed correctly, connect back the wires into the correct terminal points, and tighten the screws… and remember to thank the driver πŸ™‚

There you go, you now have a running engine!

You can drive to a preferred workshop and change to a new car battery πŸ™‚

Just make you sure you DO NOT off your engine before help is available πŸ™‚