Passengers in Singapore, Then and Now

Taxi used to be the only convenient public “hire car” transport in Singapore, as bus and MRT are way too crowded and less accessible on this tiny island.

However due to largely high fares and poor services, it somewhat pave the way for PHVs (Private Hire Vehicle) to enter into the Singapore “hire vehicle” industry.

With so many choices, passengers are slowly becoming lazy, inconsiderate, demanding and even turn UGLY & CRAZY at times too.

Here are some of the EPIC ones..



Long ago in Singapore, before the PHVs, most people go for taxi as a form of convenient public transport.

Back then, you either hail a taxi along the road, or you can pay additional fee and call a cab instead.. the “friendly” operator will arrange a taxi for you, and the taxi will drive to your “doorstep” (so-called).

If you were to be late for even a few minutes, the taxi will drive off and you got to book another cab, and wait again. You may even be banned by the taxi company for frequent “no-show” due to lateness..

Nowadays, passenger just conveniently place a booking in their mobile app, and take their time for the PHV or cab to come.

As there are NO booking fee, a lot of passengers just wait for their ride to arrive before proceeding to the stated location, causing drivers to wait for an unreasonable long time, wasting time, parking fee & fuel too ๐Ÿ™



Most of the taxis, including some PHVs, does indicate that no eating or drinking allowed.

However, some passengers still carry on with their munching without any guilt.

Such acts are inconsiderate, as it attract pests into the vehicle and cause great discomfort to other passengers as well, not forgetting the lingering smell the food emits..



Source: The Simpsons

Some passenger have really some serious mental issue, and always acting suspicious whenever they board a taxi or PHV.

Probably due to their previous negative encounters, they despite all taxi and PHV drivers, and will never waste any opportunity to find the slightest fault with the drivers..

Some even resorted to verbal abuse, insults and even physical force against the driver..

No matter how rude or unreasonable is the driver, passengers should not take law into their own hands, and become violent..

They should refer such case to the Police or even LTA (Land Transport Authority) for further action.

Source: Singapore Police Force

We are after-all a civilized citizens, tamed and well-trained by our government ๐Ÿ™‚