Boneless Fish with Bones

A member of Complaint Singapore (Singapore Facebook Group) posted an article about someone also share her bad experience with a particular “premium” fish market company.

According to the post, the said merchant charges extra “premium” to remove bones from the purchased fish, however, to the dismay of the parent, she found 3 bones in it, luckily she was the one who discovered it while eating.

A check online found that the said fish merchant is quite a reputable one!

Lots of positive review about them too..

Some comments from the Facebook group…

Always be careful with children food, no matter how safe it looks or what type of assurance the retailers gave.. check and double check!

It is always good to be safe than sorry.. 🙂

Note: This article is a collaboration with Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group in Singapore), with expressed permission to publish. All identity of people who posted and commented are censored for privacy purposes.