Complaint: $12 for 12 Gong Gong?

Are Singapore seafood becoming TOO EXPENSIVE nowadays?

A member of Singapore popular Facebook group – Complaint Singapore, posted a photograph showing that he paid $12 for a plate of boiled “Gong Gong” (or “dog conch” by the English).

On the plate, there are only 12 “small” pieces of “Gong Gong”, which means it is $1 each! OMG~

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

The photograph of the receipt summary clearly shows the price is “GongGong” is S$12 inclusive of GST.

The said HALAL restaurant is quite a reputable one in Jalan Kayu, and always crowded with lots of diners..

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

This is the original post from the said guy, in Complaint Singapore (Facebook group).

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

Some comments in regards to the post..

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

So is seafood getting more premium (even in coffeeshop-concept restaurant) and expensive in Singapore now?

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