Do You Know These Online Police Services in Singapore?

Singapore is well-known for being a safe country by most people, local or foreigners, especially all the Police Officers, who are famous for their professionalism, integrity, courtesy and not forgetting, the wide range of services they render to members of public.

Singapore Police Force

But do you know there are some Police services that you can actually do it online over the internet?

Source: Singapore Police Force (website)

If you were to visit which is the official website of the Singapore Police Force, providing various e-services to everyone in Singapore.



Yes, you can lodge a police report online, without the need to go down to any police station at all!

As long as it is a non-urgent case, such as simple theft, fraud, cheating or any “for record purpose” matter.

Do take note for any emergency or urgent cases, please dial 999 for immediate police attention.



If you happen to lost your handphone, wallet, handbag or any personal stuffs, without any suspect in mind (for theft), you can simply lodge a missing property report online.

Do provide sufficient information of the item lost, such as serial number, brand and model, etc. just in case someone were to handover to police station.

But do take note, even if you were to lodge a lost report for a missing 4D or ToTo ticket, which happen to be the winning ticket, Singapore Pool will not honor it in whatsoever ways..



Met an accident, have no fear, you need not rush down to the police station to lodge a police record..

Just do it online!

Do prepare all the required information, such as vehicle number, particular of all parties, including contact number, if any.

Date, time and location of the accident, and any witness or not.

There are plenty of other useful services online at the Singapore Police Force e-services website, feel free to explore it 🙂

Source: SingPass

One point to note, most of the e-services require a Singpass account and a valid email address too.

Happy surfing 🙂