Is Instant Self-Heating Hot Pot a Rip-Off ?

Someone bought an instant vegetarian self-heating hot pot and upon opening it, found that it is a Total Rip-Off !!

He posted in a popular Singapore Facebook group – “Complaint Singapore” to voice his unhappiness, and even attach a few photographs to show that the content is really quite miserable for the S$12.80 he paid!

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

In fact, after a quick check online, there are actually a lot of brands, types and favors of instant self-heating hot pot available to Singapore diners already.

The price can range from about S$12 to $20+ each..

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

The ingredients inside are boiled and pre-dried, before sealing the pack by the manufacturer.. together with some packet sauces, etc.

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

There is even dry rice vermicelli, but kind of small portion, even for 1 person to eat 🙁

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

Although, some commentators did indicate that hot water is supposed to be pour in before eating, but then again, the portion is really too little!

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

Some commentators shared their photographs of instant hot pot from Malaysia, which looks yummy and generous in the spread of ingredients in it.

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

So better make sure to check the content, read the label closely for the actual quantity of ingredients included before buying next time.

Happy dining 🙂


Note: This article is a collaboration with Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group in Singapore), with expressed permission to publish. All identity of people who posted and commented are censored for privacy purposes.

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