Complaint: Threatened by Fast Food Call Centre Staff ?

A post at a Singapore’s popular Facebook group – Complaint Singapore, claimed that the author was abused by a particular Fast Joint joint’s call centre in Singapore.

The author claimed he made an online home delivery order, and wait for a long time, but the delivery did no arrive.

He then called the call centre to check on the order status, and claimed he was verbally insulted with vulgarity by the staff, and even ask the manager to “kill him” ?? (Editor’s Note: sounds like a break in communication?)

The original post as follow:

Threathen by Mcdonald’s call centre staff MS Lxxx ( i am kind enough not to post ur name as i dun wish u will get disturb call but i am still upset as u shouldn’t threathen me that you will get the manager to Kill me… this incident happen around 11.45pm. Not my day not my dinner.. Ms Lxxx u spolit everything) fyi i place the order around 10.15pm via online.

I called the call centre to check on my delivery as it’s suppose to be delivery at 11.30pm when i place my order almost 11.45pm the food was not here yet. Ms Lxxx took the call

i ask her if she help me to check why my order is taking “FREAKING” long. She shouted back i scolded her vulgar language.

I was taken aback i repeat again and ask her the word “freaking” is a vulgar word???? She kept quiet n no respond. I told her ok can u get ur manager to call me.

This time round worst. She reply ok and she will get the manager to KILL ME and she repeated twice. I tot i heard it wrongly n I asked her back “what” i am just checking on my foods for hunger why must u get ur MANAGER TO KILL ME. She realised i was fed up and she apologise and change her sentence very fast . her next reply was “sorry actually i want to relate to u ” i will get the manager to call me back” but it was too late. I totally lost my cool

i am pissed off I told her i just called to check on my order n u are telling me u getting someone to kill me. I told her i felt threathen n i will lodge a police report as my family safety is very important n she was rude on the call and told me the call was recorded. BRAVO ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘pls dun delete or amend any part as i will want an explaination.

When the delivery uncle arrive I think he is from china but really nice uncle at first i spoken to him in english but realise he dun really understand n i then talk to him in chinese. Uncle i am sorry if i am kind of rude to u earlier as i really lose my cool earlier.. i knew it’s not ur fault. I even apologise to him if my tone was not tat nice n relate why i lose my cool. i told him what i just went thru with Ms Lxxx n uncle offer to call the store manager. I dun know if i am being too dumb. I told the manager the whole story n his reply was Ms Lxxx is a malaysian so maybe she uses a wrong word n misunderstand the word freaking.

OMG so i ought to be insulted n threathen she will get the manager to kill me. I hope they reflect how could a service agent uses such word ” KILL” n insulted me when i DID NOT EVEN use vulgar word against her.. i was just stating “FREAKING LATE” SINCE Ms Lxxx CLAIM THE VOICE WAS RECORDED on the other end.. PLS PLAY TO THE PUBLIC WHAT you” MS Lxxx” HAD SAID n when i use vulgar words on you n YOU ARE THE ONE STATING THIS SENTENCE “I WILL GET THE MANAGER TO KILL ME” . I will never place order online as someone will come after my life or my family… My family is too dear to me NOT WORTH TO BE MURDER OVER $26.75.
Ended up all the foods is back in fridge not as no one had mood to eat.


A screen grab of the original post, all names are censored for privacy reasons..

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook)


The author also attached his receipts for the purchase.


No photo description available.

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook)

The author then wrote the delivery did came at a later part, and a friendly delivery guy explained to the author that the said call centre staff is a Malaysian, and may not have communicated correctly because of her poor English.

End up, the author wrote all the dinner mood is already gone, and all the delivered food ended up in the fridge for the evening ๐Ÿ™

Is Singapore’s customer service getting bad to worst, in terms of their command of English, which is the primary language of communication in Singapore?

Note: This article is a collaboration with Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group in Singapore), with expressed permission to publish. All identity of people who posted and commented are censored for privacy purposes.