Worst Valentine’s Day Gift?

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, all love birds are busy sourcing for the perfect gift to capture the heart of their beloved partner.

But what are the common misses when choosing a Valentine’s Day gift?

Here are some terrible and funny examples..

Although personal mouth hygiene is an important issue, but don’t you think you cant wait till after this big day?

Why can’t they buy some mouth-wash instead, at least it’s more eye-pleasing!


Always hate your partner farting in bed?

Well, this may be the solution to your problem.. just treat it as a sort of aroma therapy.


For those who really detest or hate their other half, maybe this knives holder is the ideal gift, and will definitely send the correct message and “ultimate fear” into them…


Not all ladies prefer flowers.. some just want a gift that can fill-up their stomach, literally!


For the guys, how about a “remote control” that can control your woman?

Happily lower the volume when she is too noisy, or just press the pause button when she is shouting at you!

Let your imagination go wild~


How about having a specially printed toilet paper for your precious one?

So even when they are in toilet busy “cultivating”, they will think of you when they reach out for it..


No photo description available.

Of course, this must the most perfect gift of all…

A bouquet of flower of REAL MONEY inside!


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone~