Why are babies so cute? We see people crowding around the parent whenever they bring their newborn or baby to a party and we see men, even those macho one who always act cool or those who look like a professional killer on normal days breaking into an awkward stance to tease and cuddle the baby.  Despite the crying and the pees and poos that may turn you away from a baby, most would find babies to be uncontrollably adorable.

Apparently, there have been studies that explain why babies are cute.  And it is revealed that babies are evolved such as to increase its chance of survival!  Talking about science and human nature, they are genetically created such that they can provoke and elicit the adult’s care-giving instinct nature.  Human babies are unlike some species which may care and fend for itself after birth.  They need to be protected, fed and held among other things.  By appearing as cute to the adults, they target or manipulate our mind such that we would cave in to our motherly nature to care for them.  This apply for situation when there is no parents to protect them, such that their cuteness can appeal to a fellow stranger who could possibly take them in and care for them out of instinct.

Now you know that babies are such cunning creatures that seem so harmless and innocent but are actually creation to manipulate YOU!  Whatever it is, there is no stopping you from loving them.



Do you know that the size of our eye is determined at birth?  That is, the size of your eyes does not become bigger as you grow.  This explains why baby’s eyes are always so round, big and sparkling.  Who won’t adore those marble-like eyes?



Babies brain are almost full grown which makes their head larger in proportion to their bodies.  Adding in the big round eyes and big chubby cheeks to the large head in proportion to a small body, it would appear as almost comical or “cute”.  That explains why some of our favorite adorable characters like Hello Kitty, Brown Bear, Kermit the Frog and so many others all has bigger heads in compared to their bodies.



Small, flabby, and rounded with smooth tofu-like skin just complete the picture of cuteness.  It just feel so nice to touch their soft skin that is brimming with collagen!



The distinctive baby’s  smell, minus their pees, poos and vomit also stimulate the adult’s sense to cuddle up to them.  Not sure if the smell is due to the mixture of milk, baby powder…but they always smell so enduring and almost therapeutic.

And last but not least, not forgetting their rounded bellies that would put off anyone if it is an adult’s belly just appear so cute in its miniature size on the baby!