Meet the Latest Street-Legal eScooter in Malaysia

Malaysia recently introduced the Niu N-series FULL battery-powered electric scooters on its road, and it’s selling for RM8,800 only!

It includes 1-year road tax, basic insurance coverage and registration too!


The NIU N-Series is using state of the art lithium-ion battery packs by Panasonic with a two-year guarantee.

Weighing in at only 10kg (22lbs.), you can easily carry the NIU battery for in-home/office re-charging. The 29aH battery pack is fully re-charged in six hours, providing an 50-70km range, or about four typical days of urban commuting.


The removable battery drives power to the bike’s 1.5 kW Bosch electric motor, which is capable of producing 2,300 watts of power and 120 Nm of decent torque!

However, maximum speed is currently limited to an upsetting 55 km/h, which may not be suitable for those speed-demons..


All Niu eScooters are able to connected to their very own *APP, which allows Real-time GPS / Anti-theft Alert + Alarm / Real-time diagnostics / Service Station Directory etc.

The N-Series has an on-board computer that constantly communicates with the cloud so you can receive real-time data on your mobile phone like anti-theft alerts, daily riding habits, diagnostics, power supply, and navigation to the nearest service station. (*T&C applies)


You can watch a video on the Niu N-series below:

Source: GadgetByte

Wondering when it will come to Singapore?

For now, there is still NO news when such street-legal ebikes will come to Singapore yet.

For those lucky ones staying in Malaysia, You can find the dealer at: