5 Things in Our Cars We Take For Granted

As motor cars slowly evolves towards the new era, and welcomes the entry of 100% electric-powered and autonomous (self-driving) vehicles, we tend to take for granted of some standard features that comes along in our car nowadays..

So what the commonly “taken for granted” gadgets that aren’t standard in the older days?

1 – Power Steering

It may comes as surprise for a lot of drivers, but your steering wheel is actually powered by electric to let you maneuver your car easily.

Power steering was invented primarily for heavy or over-sized vehicles in the beginning, however, as time goes by, it became an essential comfort and luxury feature for motor cars too..

Without the assistance provided by the power steering mechanism, a lot of drivers, especially the ladies, will find it difficult to complete a typical 3-point turn 🙂


2 – Power Window

In the old days, drivers and passengers need to crank their car windows up or down using a small lever on each door.

The problem about cranking is it’s way too tiring and time consuming.

At times, driver or passenger may forget to “roll” up the windows completely before it rains, causing rain water to enter into the interior!

However, a plus point about crank lever is it does not require any electrical power to operate at all..


3 – Power Mirror (Sides)

Adjusting the angles of side mirrors can be a tedious and troublesome task, before the introduction of power mirror feature.

This simple gadget makes adjusting mirrors an easy task, especially for those large families who are sharing a single car, it greatly solves the problem of frequent adjustments of the side mirrors to suit everyone!


4 – Anti-Glare Rear View Mirror

Always dislike those vehicles that shine their high beam at your rear?

Simply flip the tab located at the bottom of your rear view mirror, and it will change the angle of the mirror, making those dazzling headlight glares bounce off from your eyes, but still allows you to see a dim image of the headlights of other vehicles at your rear.

Some newer or premium cars come with a sensor on the rear view mirror that will automatically dim the contrast of the mirror to avoid the irritating glares from vehicle headlights.


5 – Remote Car Lock

A simple click on your car remote device, and it easily opens or lock your car completely.. Nowadays, car remote control even allows remote engine start, open your car boot and even remotely driving it out of tight parking spots too!

But in the old days, drivers got to use a key to insert into the door to open and lock their vehicle, and even starting the engine.. Due to the frequent wear and tear, most car keys ended up broken, causing great inconvenience and precious money wasted too!


After seeing these ancient features, aren’t you glad you are now living in the new era?

So better not take for granted of all the current features or technology in your car, chances are a lot of drivers around the World are still using those older and primitive features in their cars, be contented! 🙂