Latest QingMing Trending Offerings 2019

Qing Ming Festival is around the corner once again, and it’s time for descendants to pay their respects to the ancestors in this tomb-sweeping day and also burning useful and unique offerings to “them” !!

So what are the latest trending offerings in 2019 ??


An automatic Mahjong Table

What better things to do “down there” than to engage in a game of Asian’s favourite past-time, the “Mahjong” game!

This automatic Mahjong table will surely be a big hit among their friends and helps to kill times there too!


Horse Racing Stadium

If staying indoor playing Mahjong gets too boring sometimes, why not burn a real Horse Racing Stadium, equipped with super large projection TV for LIVE streaming of the race, as well as sheltered seats for the audiences too!

Oh ya, don’t forget the horses too..


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Fast Foods

With so much gambling, don’t forget to “burn” some delicious Fast Foods for their dining pleasures too..

Nothing beats their favourite Mac!


Running Treadmill

Of course, after eating so much fast food, they needs some good exercise to digest too..

How about running a few laps on their high-tech treadmill to burn off some excessive fats?


Massage Chair

After a tiring treadmill running session, have a relaxing massage in their new Massage Chair..

Fully-automated, including reaching out to those tiring thighs too..


Satellite TV & Entertainment Console

With such a comfy massage chair, why not have a FULL entertainment console to have an enhanced experience?

Equipped with Digital Satellite TV dish, DVD player, 3D glasses and a 42″ TV screen to COMPLETE the whole thing!


Private Plane, Passport & Credit Card

Rather than watching the outside world inside a TV, why not send them on an overseas trip on a jet plane?

Together with their very own VIP pass, complete travel document and a credit card for spending too!


Private Helicopter

If sharing a plane is not glamorous enough, why not burn them a private helicopter?

It will surely attracts lots of envy and attentions!


Sport Car & Mountain of Gold & Silver

Of course, nothing beats having a nice sport car and a mountain of Gold and Silver to show off their wealth below..!


Your Personal Bank

Obviously, with so much money on hand, you need your personal bank to store it..

Rather than just any other banks or financial institutes, why not just burn an already-established one 🙂


As you can see, the possibilities are endless..

Next time when you like to burn some offerings to your dearest ancestors for their blessings.. Be Creative~!!