Look Out for “Truffle” at Anchorvale Crescent Area

A kind dog lover is looking out for a female dog roaming roaming around Anchorvale Crescent..

According to her Facebook post, the said female dog, named “Truffle” was last seen 4 days ago..

If you got any information about the said dog, please contact:
Pauline Doradora Ah 

Below are some photographs of “Truffle“:


Here is an extract of the actual text from the said post for easy reading:


Hi everyone! Remember the 2 dogs roaming at Anchorvale Crescent, around the empty heavy vehicle carpark (near Cheng Lim & Farmway LRT)? 1 of them (Brownie) has been successfully secured about 2 weeks ago. She is in very good hands now with her feeders.

However, we were unable to get Truffle. We attempted to trap Truffle again earlier this week. Unfortunately, despite being a very food motivated dog, she refused to go near the trap 🙁

After the unsuccessful trapping, she has stopped coming out for food at her regular feeding time 🙁

We have not seen her for 4 days already and we are getting worried. Hence, we are appealing for residents in the area to come forward and provide us with information if you have seen her. Please take a photo or video from afar BUT please do not approach her as she is very skittish and she will run away.

Description of Truffle:
– Female
– Est. 1 year old (as she only appeared in this area from Feb 2019 onwards) 
– Slightly smaller than the usual medium size SS 
– Black & Tan
– Sharp pointy ears
– Long tail
– Very skittish 
– Wary of humans
– Food motivated

Please Facebook PM us if you have any information on her! Thank you!