Introducing the New Grab Numberless MasterCard!

Grab is partnering with Mastercard® and introducing the new GrabPay Card which is accepted by millions of merchants across the world — both online and in-stores.

Relish the usual GrabPay benefits with a cherry on top and at the same time, earn GrabRewards points.. plus enjoying other exclusive card benefits!

Getting your hands on GrabPay Card is easy.
Simply apply for it in-app and instantly get your digital card.

Running out of balance at the cashier can be frustrating.
By activating auto top-up, you can freely go about your daily activities without interruption.

They can’t steal what they can’t see

All physical GrabPay Card comes without numbers, therefore the digital card is the only way for a user to access their card details.

A physical card is optional for users, they can choose not to apply for it if they deem it unnecessary.

However, physical card does enable a user to pay at non-NFC POS, e.g. in mama shops where they have only a NETS type POS instead of an NFC POS as the user can then swipe the card for payment. 

For more details, click HERE.