Enterprise Singapore advises consumers to stop use of selected Elmark ceiling fans

MR No.: 086/19

Singapore, Monday, 23 December 2019

  1. Enterprise Singapore, the Safety Authority, advises consumers to stop the use of 17 models of ceiling fans by Elmark Marketing (Elmark) due to potential safety hazards such as electrocution, falling hazard, laceration and fire. While no reports of injuries were made to Enterprise Singapore, consumers should exercise caution as these ceiling fans (categorised as Controlled Goods1) did not comply with our product safety requirements.
  2. Elmark is recalling these ceiling fans with immediate effect. The affected models are set out in the list below. We advise consumers to check this list and visit Elmark’s website at www.elmark.com.sg, call 6741 0729, or email recall@elmark.com.sg for further details on the recall, including exact recall instructions, and how to identify the model number to ascertain whether they are in possession of any affected model. Affected consumers can contact the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) at its hotline +65 6100 0315 or www.case.org.sg should they require further assistance.
  3. Ceiling fans are classified as Controlled Goods under the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR). All Controlled Goods must be type-tested, certified to meet relevant safety standards, registered with Enterprise Singapore, and affixed with a SAFETY Mark before they can be supplied, displayed and/or advertised for sale in Singapore.
  4. Enterprise Singapore takes a serious view towards suppliers who do not comply with the requirements under CPSR and will not hesitate to take action against errant suppliers. Any person found guilty of supplying unregistered Controlled Goods, is liable upon conviction, to a fine not exceeding S$10,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both.
  5. We urge consumers to play their part by prioritising safety considerations when purchasing and using household products. Consumers should practise the following:
  6. Consumers can report product safety issues to Enterprise Singapore at 1800 773 3163 or consumerprotection@enterprisesg.gov.sg. For consumer safety tips, visit www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/safety-tips. For information on registration of Controlled Goods, suppliers can visit www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/cpsr.
No.    Model Number of Elmark Ceiling Fans 
1AC 4054
2E502 Aeratron
3EC 888
4EC 999
5ED 866
6EL03 Cane
7EL03 Leaf
9EL 3888 Elegant
10 ES 380S
11ES 803
12ES 803 Mini
14Fantasy UFO 38
15V6 Mini
16V8 Jazz
17VIP 99

Here the Product Recall Announcement by Elmark Singapore:


Dear Valued Customers,
We are instructed by Enterprise Singapore to do a recall exercise, if you happen to have these models in your house,

Fanaway, Fantasy UFO38, E502 Aeratron, EC 888, EC 999, ED 866, ES 380, V8 Jazz, VIP 99, EL 3888 Elegant, ES 803 Mini, ES 803, V6 Mini, AC 4054,
ELS 52 HHA, EL 03 Cane, EL 03 Leaf

These models were not tested to specified safety standards in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations by Enterprise Singapore, the Safety Authority. They were unregistered and sold without a valid Safety Mark. Customers who purchased these models are entitled to trade in your old fan for a voucher of $150. Voucher issued is valid for 5 years & can be used as a gift voucher transferrable to anyone. Please take note that voucher is valid ONLY for purchases in SINGAPORE. If you are not sure of the model, you may take a photo of your fan, whatsapp to 9022-6365, our service centre will be able to verify. Please also help to provide your receipt & warranty card as shown on purchase date, if you have lost or misplace it, you could contact us and we will assist to find your record.

We are also providing free removal services if you do not wish to keep the products. You may contact us for more details :
email: recall@elmark.com.sg or
call: 6741-0729 or
whatsapp only 9022-6365 (service centre)

Rest assure, Consumer Safety is Elmark’s highest priority. We are carefully monitoring for any complaints that may be related to this recall.

We apologise for all inconveniences caused.

Source: Elmark Singapore Website
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1For full listing of the 33 categories of Controlled Goods under the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR), click here.

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