New Fuel Kaki Website to Compare Singapore Fuel Prices!

Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) launches a new website – Fuel Kaki, aiming to display the latest retail fuel prices, and to facilitate comparison between different Companies, of their effective prices of retail fuel for consumers.

You may visit Fuel Kaki website HERE !!

Sceenshot from Fuel Kaki Website

According to a Market Inquiry on Retail Petrol Prices in Singapore published in 2017 by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”), consumers who monitor and compare prices can enjoy substantial savings.

The CCCS inquiry also found that the promotion schemes offered by the different petrol retailers are not easily comparable due to differing terms and conditions. CCCS recommended developing of a price comparison web portal and/or mobile application to improve the transparency of the effective retail petrol prices that consumers pay. This will help consumers to make better informed purchasing decisions and encourage greater competition amongst the petrol retailers in Singapore. 

You may view the report here.

Fuel Kaki will allow users to:
•  Compare the listed fuel prices across different fuel retailers;
•  View loyalty programmes and promotions (e.g. discounts, rebates and cashback) offered by the various fuel retailers and/or partners; and
•  Estimate the effective price per litre that they will pay after factoring in loyalty programmes and promotions.

Fuel Kaki is developed as a responsive website accessible on desktop and mobile, allowing motorists to have access to it on-the-go.