New Declaration Form at Malaysia Checkpoint

Based on several reliable sources, effective from 20 Feb 2020 onwards, all visitors arriving at Johor Bahru,Malaysia immigration entry points are required to fill-up a “Declaration Form” for the purpose declaring if the person had visited “Mainland China” in the past 14 days, before travelling to Malaysia.

However, frequent travelers to Johor Bahru discovered that the new Declaration Form are only required at certain period of the day, randomly.

If you are visiting Johor Bahru via KSAB – Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar, via bus, the form will be distributed by the official on-duty there.

Visitors in vehicles will be issued with the form when their temperature are taken before Immigration Clearance.

Good Pointers to Avoid Delays:

1. Carry a pen with you at the times;
2. Take note of the bus (or vehicle) plate number; and
3. You can photo-copy and fill-up the form before entering Malaysia.