Greying Glory Woes

Back in our parents, or grandparent generation, white or grey hair only appears when you are in your 40s or 50s.  However, there is an increasing trend among the youngsters to start spotting grey hair in their 20s or even before they turn 20. 

This is term as premature greying.  Our hair color is determined by the presence of melanin, a pigment that result in our hair and skin color.  As we aged, our hair follicles lose the pigment resulting in white hair.  For individuals experiencing premature greying, it may be genetic.  That is, if your dad or mum complains of the same problem when they were young, you can only blame your genes.

Other than genetic factors, here are some other likely causes for you to turn platinum blond:

Vitamin Deficiency

Deficiency in vitamin B4, B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, or biotin contributes to premature greying.  In particular to vitamin B12, it helps to maintain the health of your scalp and heals hair against whitening and can be in food such as poultry, liver, egg, milk and salmon.  Biotin is a key natural ingredient in maintaining the black pigment in our hair and can be found in food such as oats and nuts. 

There has been various studies that prove that hair color can be restored through consuming the right supplements.


Who is not stress in today’s competitive world?  Stress causes imbalance in our bodily antioxidants.  When we do not have sufficient antioxidant, we can’t fight against the free radicals surrounding us and these radicals are known to damage our cells, contributing to ageing and resulting our hair getting “old”.


Studies has also shown that people who smokes are 2.5 times likely to experience premature greying compared to non-smokers.

Chemical Hair Dyes and Styling Products

Yes, the hair dye that you use to hide your grey hair is also a contributing factor.  In fact, many of the hair products contain chemicals that will deplete melanin.

To address our greying crowning glory, there have been various treatments offered by hair specialists.  These include using natural herbs from Yun Nam Haircare, Beijing 101, just to name a few that seeks to improve the health of our hair and scalp, to stem cell treatment from PHS Hairscience to stimulate melanin.                       

For people who do not like to sit through the treatment sessions, there are now home kits available from some well-known brands such as DrGL and Phyto through the use of peptide, the well-known ingredient commonly used in the beauty sector for anti-ageing

Have you tried any of the hair treatments or hair products?  Can grey hair really be reversed so that we can all be….