Worst Boss Ever!

Have you ever work for a “EVIL” boss or superior before?

So “EVIL” that you hated going to work each day… and really wish they were dead.. or just simply disappear into the thin air!

Here are some classics “EVIL” bosses in Singapore..

The “Finger-pointing and Fault-Blaming” Boss

This type of boss, manager or supervisor, loves to push all the blames to others, rather than providing guidance and seek improvements, they rather pinpoint the worker at fault, and publicly shame and penalize them mercilessly..

You will hardly hear any praises from them, and more often than not, they will snatch the glory from you for any job well-done..

Really terrible!

The “Stingy and Calculative” Boss

As the old saying, “Penny Wise, Pound Foolish”, this type of boss will be very calculative with you, even a single cent!

Such boss will ensure you use both sides of an A4 paper, off the extra lights in office, disallow charging of personal phones or devices, no pay raise for a prolong time, deduct salary for slight lateness, expects you to answer official phone calls using your personal phone (without compensation), controlling & rationing stationery and very extreme micro-management in almost everything..!!

The “Kiasu” (Scare to Die or Take Risk) Boss

This type of conservative bosses, managers or supervisors will never take the lead.. and will always “Push You To Die”!

Whenever there is something upcoming or brain-storming for new ideas, they will rather stick to the current state and stay put.

If immediate action is required, they will surely “volunteer” you to do it, so as to save their ass, when things don’t turn up right..

Such people should stay in the museum or hide into an underground cocoon forever..

The “Cheeky” Boss

These bosses always “EYE-ING” ladies in the office (even men too) , and always strike up “audacious and offensive” conversations with colleagues, and sometimes with close contact too!

They simply DO NOT know what is SHAME, and know not when to stop, and always assuming a NO for a YES..!!

Such bosses should be reported to higher superiors or local labour authority, as it’s a form a sexual harassment in office!

So basically these are some types of “EVIL” bosses in office, are you able to relate them to anyone in your office?