Are Bus Stop Seats a Hazard?

Recently, a member of Singapore’s popular Facebook group – Complaint Singapore, wrote a post about him witnessing an old lady fell back when sitting on the narrow and slanted bus stop bench somewhere at Bugis area.

From the photographs he posted, the bus stop benches were indeed narrow, probably because it is designed for short-term use, and to prevent anyone from sleeping and occupying the space permanently.

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

A quick check online shows that in October 2018, there was a case of theft of bus stop bench by someone, and this was LTA’s reply on the cost:

The various benches at about 5,000 public bus stops across Singapore cost between $500 and $1,500 each, excluding installation cost, with the price of each bench dependant on its materials and features, according to the Land Transport Authority (LTA). ” (Source: Yahoo! News Singapore)

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

In the original post, the guy questioned the design, and wrote that at S$1500 each (for the bench), LTA ought to do something (fast) before someone is seriously hurt..

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)


As usual, the comment arises from the post are heated with mixed opinions, etc.

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

Someone also informed that safety handles are installed on some newer bus stops..

Some new bus stop benches does come with safety handles

More comments..

Source: Complaint Singapore (Facebook Group)

So what do you think about the design of these new bus stops?

Do you miss the older and more secure ones?

We end this articles with some photographs of some old and discontinued bus stop designs..