What it Means for the Different Colours of Bottled Water Caps?

When you go to the supermarket, 7-11 or neighborhood grocery store to buy a bottle of water to quench your thirst, we are likely to choose from the many variety available based on their price or brand. 

It might not be obvious to most but have you ever notice that the caps of bottled water in Singapore have either caps that are blue/green or white. 

In fact, bottled water with white caps is generally cheaper than those with blue caps, so what are the difference?

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Source: www.myhealth.gov.my


Many Health ministry around the Globe, has made it compulsory since 2005 that bottled water has different caps for easier differentiation, mainly: Blue (or coloured) and White.

Source: www.myhealth.gov.my


Bottled water with white caps is for drinking water or distilled drinking water

Simply put, it is water that has gone through distillation to kill and remove all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals or contamination. 

Such type of water is depleted of minerals and is essentially the water that you get from taps.


Blue/Green Caps

Bottled water with blue caps or at times green caps is for Mineral water

Mineral water mainly come from the spring or underground nature sources that are not polluted and goes through a filtration process to ensure that it retains its original purity and it must contains 250 ppm of trace minerals to be considered true “mineral” water. 

Natural mineral present in the water is known to be beneficial for health and hence such water are subjected to more stringent controls and requirements, hence explaining the higher price as well.

At least now you know why the bottle of Evian is more expensive than a bottle of Dasani, though I would still prefer to drink water from the tap at home!

Source: Evian