Witness Required: Hit & Run Accident (Jalan Bahar)

A motorcyclist wrote a Facebook post in which he was involved in a hit & run accident along the slip road of Jalan Bahar, towards KJE on 21st May 2019 at about 2210hrs.

According to him, an unknown car failed to conform to red traffic light signal and hit him, and sped off immediately..

Although the driver was subsequently arrested by police for drink driving, he informed he was unable to claim against his insurance, and required more evidence to help him fight the case.

Anyone with information relating to the case may contact him at his Facebook account at HERE.

Below is the original Facebook post:


Here is the text extract of the original post:

On 21/05/2019 at around 2210hrs, I was involved in a hit and run accident along Jalan Bahar slip road towards the entrance of KJE. I stopped at the traffic light and only moved off when the green arrow turns up. A car travelling from Jalan Bahar(CDA) towards Jurong West Ave 4 beats the red light and hit onto me head first before speeding off. The driver was arrested though few hours later for drink driving and hit and run.

I am unable to claim for insurance and thus appealing for any witness with video footage to step forward and to strengthen my case. And if anybody were a victim to drink and drive accident can kindly pm me? I wish to know the procedures to go about. Thank you.

Rahmat Hidayat (Facebook)